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I'm Tynesia Halfacre.

Commercial Real Estate Negotiations Expert, and CEO of ENTICE Business Solutions.  I help entrepreneurs locate and secure their brick and mortar business and/or investment property while assisting them with developing, organizing, and gaining clarity in their business. I do this through one-on-one consultations, system implementation, and my customer service training workbook.

Known as an entrepreneur, speaker, coach and most importantly as a mother,  I embody the epitome of an ambitious goal-driven woman. I’m determined to accomplish the goals I’ve set for myself, as well as my clients.  
My unparalleled creative edge in customer service, negotiations, relationship building, analytics, and structure, has helped me impact the businesses of many through my love and passion for entrepreneurship.
Coupling my educational and business backgrounds, I empower entrepreneurs to maximize their potential through developing, organizing, and gaining clarity in their business.
I attribute my success to God first, then the love and support of my mom, sister and close friends. I perpetually strive to execute excellence in all that I do and I’m on a mission to assist as many entrepreneurs as I can in taking their business to the next level.
Take a look inside to see some of the businesses I’ve assisted . I look forward to assisting you on your entrepreneurial journey.

Thank You.

Client Testimonials

Kookie Daniels C.E.O of Kookie’s Dance Den

Hello WORLD! I wanted to take the time out to overly and graciously THANK Tynesia for her commercial realtor services. The entire experience was authentic, supportive and genuine. She CARES! SHE REALLY CARES! She found me my dream space in no time and she got me so many perks with my lease it was unbelievable. She was fast, witty and she made sure she wasn't just trying to sell you anything but she was BEYOND attentive to my needs and dream vision. She celebrated EVERY SINGLE win with me and she never stopped or stops checking on the process. I KNOW this would not have been possible without her and I’m so glad God uses her to help others. You can waste time if you want on another realtor or you can make you dreams come true sooner than later!

Ambitious Nails & Lips Bar Ambitious Nails & Lips Bar

Tynesia Halfacre is the epitome of everything you want in a perfect REALTOR… she executed exactly what was needed for Ambitious Nails & Lips Bar. My husband and I gave specific details on what was expected & needed for Ambitious and she met every expectation. There was such ease in every aspect while seeking our new salon home, from negotiating our lease to working timeless hours to get the best deal for us… Her dedication to her clients are unmatched & we’re forever indebted.. We’ll forever choose her as our Realtor and so should you..

Nick Zubi Accurate Insurance Services

We worked with Tynesia to secure a location when our current lease was non renewed after twenty five years and she was amazing to work with! Tynesia quickly narrowed down the market to a few locations that would best serve our customers and guided us every step of the way. I would highly recommend Tynesia for your real estate needs.

Krystal Lewis CEO of Miaki Minks

Where do I begin! I say that because working with Tynesia has been an absolute blessing. From the very beginning, this entire experience was golden. I stepped foot into my first store front through an easy process. This is all due to Tynesia herself, and I am forever grateful. She works with confidence, tenacity, and patience. I would recommend her expertise a hundred times over again. Once you’ve had the opportunity to work with her, your network becomes limitless. For me, that’s priceless! Thank You 🙏🏽 Tynesia!

Christina A. Bonsu CEO of Lenyx Haute Beauty Bar

Tynesia was super sweet & helpful! She communicated with me throughout the entire process. She made sure I understood the terms and the process as this was my very first commercial space as a small business owner. None of my questions went unanswered and she even provided businesses she recommends I work with to complete the production of my new business venture. She continues to be a resource when necessary… very professional. Thank you, again.

Erin Thomas CEO of Cooking With Curves

Tynesia is God Sent! What I love the most about her is takes the time out to understand your vision for your business...Then works diligently to find you the perfect commercial space...Very professional, knowledgeable & honest during the entire process. There is no one I've met thus far as committed as her to seeing YOU WIN.

Waddie Walton CEO of Waddie Ann Event Venue

I want to give a "BIG" shout out to my realtor Tynesia Halfacre who help secure my new location. Her knowledge of the industry and securing a deal didn't go overlooked. She walked me through each step of the process that delivered the keys to my new dream location. Her negotiating skills are monumental! I highly recommend her for all of your commercial investment/business expansion goals.

The White Family New Construction Homeowners

The services my family received from Ms. Tynesia Halfacre was totally amazing. She helped us in every way possible to get our house built from the ground up! She was Very professional and involved from the beginning until the end. We didn't have to do anything but let her know what we wanted and she made it happen! My family will recommend her to anyone for all of your real-estate needs. If you need a new home or commercial property ,she will make that happen for you. She is the absolute best We have ever experienced.

Minnie Client

Tynesia is a beast when I tell you she knows what she is doing! I met Tynesia through one of her other clients that was bragging about how awesome she was. So I decided to reach out to her to see if she could help me. She has a quick questionnaire and contract she has you fill out with questions asking you what you are looking for. When it comes to your needs she definitely gets the job done. Tynesia will not, I mean will not, waste your time she will not show you anything before she talks to the owner of the property to make sure it’s a fit for you. Now tell me what realtor does that!!! When I tell you I wish I had met her a long time ago. But fast forward to today I am a bar owner and she help me every step of the way. She attended board meetings with me. She also helped me prepare my presentation for the board meeting! She helps you with whatever is needed if she doesn’t know something she will make sure you all find out together. Working with her is the easiest process of starting your journey with whatever that may be.

Kesha Styles Pop Beauty & Wax Center

Tynesia is such an amazing realtor! She helps her clients from beginning to the end. She instructed me on exactly what I needed to do during this entire process. She doesn’t take no for an answer! Very resilient, persistent, and her drive is unmatched! Grateful to have had her as my realtor!

Milkk Marie NetWorkz Beauty Bar

Working with Tynesia as my realtor was great! We connected on so many levels, she made it so comfortable to work with her I felt as if she was my home girl while keeping things in a business matter. She’s fast and very understanding of the inconvenience when it came to my timing. She definitely got the job done and now I opened my first Beauty Bar. I can’t wait to work with her in the near future to opening NetWorkz Beauty Bar second location!🥰❤️

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Tynesia Halfacre

Commercial Real Estate Negotiation Expert, Tynesia Halfacre stands out for her passion and commitment to helping entrepreneurs secure viable properties that suit their investments needs. Armed with a Master’s degree in psychology, Tynesia understands the human side of real estate transactions. She demonstrates strong customer service and great interpersonal skills, which allows her to work comfortably with her clients.
Prior to finding her passion in real estate, Tynesia accumulated over 20 years of experience in sales and customer service, as well as several extensive years of personal development training. She leverages her vast career experience to guide, advise and educate her clients, effectively empowering them to make well-informed decisions.
Tynesia began her real estate career leasing apartments. Realizing just how much she could make an impact in the real estate industry, she quickly transitioned into Residential Sales. However, her love for numbers, in-depth thinking, and passion for entrepreneurship led her to find her niche in Commercial Real Estate. She understands the dynamics of the real estate market as well as the complexities of being an entrepreneur. She is committed to allowing entrepreneurs to focus on their business while she focuses on securing their location to help them grow and expand their business.
Tynesia finds great joy and fulfillment every time she delivers the news to her clients that they have been approved. In her first year in Commercial Real Estate, she managed to assist 11 Entrepreneurs with getting the keys to their new physical locations. She prides herself in the variety of businesses she’s been able to serve, from small intimate boutiques to massive dance studios. Tynesia has always been ready to tackle any challenge.
She’s known for delivering exceptional outcomes to her clients and going above and beyond to get them everything they deserve. Tynesia is complimented most for her excellent work ethic and willingness to meet and exceed her clients’ expectations. She has distinguished herself for her outstanding ability to empathetically listen, treat all her clients like family, and have their best interests at heart. With Tynesia at your service, you can rest assured that she won’t rest until she turns your real estate dreams into reality.

Welcome to E.N.T.I.C.E BUSINESS SOLUTIONS, where the acronym stands for Entrepreneurs Needing Training, Information, Clarity, and Exposure. At E.N.T.I.C.E, we embody our name by offering a suite of services that encompass these essential elements, dedicated to guiding and empowering entrepreneurs in every facet of their journey. We specialize in providing comprehensive support to creative visionaries seeking to bring their ideas to life and establish a strong foundation for their businesses. Our suite of services includes expertly crafted business plans, trademark solutions, distinctive logo designs, tailored websites and so many more essential elements to structure your business and establish a unique brand identity. We understand the challenges of starting and scaling a business, and we are dedicated to offering the guidance and tools necessary to help you gain clarity, navigate the complexities of business structuring, and embark on your new journey towards success. Book your creative consultation today and let us help bring your vision to life. Signed, Your partner in entrepreneurial success!

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